I highly recommend John and Spencer Ryan to organizations that strive to enable their leaders to reach new levels of effectiveness.
— Kevin Madden, VP/GM Managing Director, Honeywell Energy Services Group


The reason many employees leave their companies is that they do not believe they are being adequately developed.  Every executive can benefit from having a coach.  A coach hired from outside of the company can recognize opportunities to improve leadership and management skills.  These opportunities can be missed when individuals from the same corporate culture are asked to mentor or act as a sounding board.  Many companies can develop biases or blind spots that are difficult to recognize.  Some leaders mistakenly stigmatize coaching, as if only those who have serious flaws can benefit.  This is like suggesting that great athletes including Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer in tennis or Jordan Speith and Rory McElroy in golf or Joe Flacco and Tom Brady in football don’t need coaching.  Clearly that is incorrect.  Like their counterparts in sports, even the best leaders can benefit from coaching.  An effective coach can give executives a leg up in the competitive world of business.